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old lessons

I'm looking through OLD library instruction books for ideas. Book is from 1988. Lesson prep - find a filmstrip on the care of books. oh my goodness. 88 doesn't seem that long ago . . .

School Wires discovery

I have moaned over School Wires - although it is better than what we have before. I was missing something. I didn't know what. Well, I figured out a partial today. Apps. When you create a page, it asks you what kind of page you'd like to create. I almost always picked Flex because it would do so much. What I discovered today was I can have a dozen apps on a page. A page with links like this one  was made with stacking apps like this: Flex editor 1- header Link app 1 - Copyright Links Link app 2 - Fair Use Links Link app 3 - Plagiarism Links Flex editor 2 - footer So, the page might not be a smooth as I'd like, but the way things shift around when trying to get everything on one page, this is better. Any of the apps can be stacked. Pod casts, blogs, wikis - you see it, you can add it. I've been fiddling around with pages that I can keep on the website that give instructions for the class to be read when they sit down and I'm having to help someone with something. I t

Locomotive by Brian Floca

 Find out more about Locomotive !

Run schools like a business? Flip that theory to see flaws - Columnists

Run schools like a business? Flip that theory to see flaws - Columnists . This is good, very good.  

56 days of summer - 38

I hope today is the day I send in my manuscript. Week 2 of the Copyright course starts. I started a sharing board on FB  for school librarians. Please join us if you are a school librarian. This is a way we can collaborate with librarians not only across NC, but in other states. My dre am is for us to build our own database of lessons, helps with classroom management, problems solving ideas.  #NCTLchat hosted Eva Ridenhour  and Stanley N Katrina , both student authors. Check out the writing vids that Eva has on her site!  The perpetual papers of the pack of pets  is found on Amazon and is in Kindle and paperback forms. Then I went to a webinar for promoting the library at open houses by  Jocelyn Sams . Over the weekend I set up a facebook page  for the library. Now we have twitter , pinterest , facebook, a webpage and a blog. All I have to do is get them to talk to each other - Especially the FB since I can't get on that one at school! I also created a mobile app. Not completely t

Have you taken a course from Coursera?

One of my feeds had a post describing an upcoming course on Copyright for Educators and Librarians. It's a four week course delivered through  Coursera . Profs are from Duke, UNC, and Emory. The course is set up like a regular course - videos, readings, quizzes, assignments, discussions. Here's the info . If they offer it again, I'd recommend taking it. I've already learned some interesting things, although there are about 8,000 people taking this session. Wow!

Public funding with no disclosure

Charter schools are in NC, and I'm assuming they are here to stay. I've seen good ones and some far from good. What I do not understand is why the legislature thinks that Charter Schools should not have to disclose salaries.  Cotham: New NC Senate bill shields salaries of for-profit charter school staff   That version says that “charter school personnel records for those employees directly employed by the board of directors for the charter school” are subject to the same disclosure requirements and privacy protections as employees of school districts and other public bodies. Doesn't sound too bad to me. Looks like we should know, but notice that phrase "directly employed by the board of directors." BAM! There is is. Anyone hired by the charter company doesn't fall under the those guidelines. With the magnifying glass on education these days, why would the legislature want to do this? OR is our intense focus saved for public education? Is this legislature so bl

56 days of summer - 35

Today, my goal is to complete the MS for this math book, then let it sit until Monday for another round of editing. I'd also love to finish with my vehicles and get the BB paper cleaned up out of the guest room! I can do mess for a short period, but there comes a point that it wears on my nerves. Cheryl Ristow posted a video this morning of a teacher decorating his room. It is not all practical, but I do love his enthusiasm. I have done some impractical things in my room (even knowing they were impractical) because I loved the way they looked and HOPE really does spring eternal donchano. I didn't do themes in my classrooms - well, I did, but the theme was Math. ;) I'm doing my second one in the library now and I love how the theme can tie things together. I love the filming theme he uses. Got to add that to my Pinterest board !   [youtube=]   Barb Kibler shared a Buzzfeed Link - 35 Money Saving DYIs for the Classroom  from 2013. I realize this kin

Oh man! I thought this was a terrible idea for education!

and someone wants a similar model for medicine. At least this ground breaking idea is in MO and not NC (for a change of pace).  Defying The AMA, Some Politicians Lower Standards For Practicing Medicine

loss of 10% of teachers?

Not quite 10%, but close. That's huge. Wondering what their notice period is. I've always had to give 30 days.  IPS board member: 'Exodus' of teachers

Indiana: State Takeover and Privatization of 5 Schools Is Not Working

Everyone keeps asking teachers for data to support curriculum decisions (when they actually get to make any decisions that is), so where is the data that this concept works? If it did work and if there was hard proof, that data would be all over the place.

56 days of summer - 33

I haven't felt well the past couple of days. Something in the vertigo camp. Light headed verging on dizzy. I've been horizontal more than vertical. Had to miss a conference on Smart Notebook. That was terribly disappointing, and it means I'll have to do more digging on my own. I did finish the Longmire book. It was good! Very good!   The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson My rating: 5 of 5 stars I got this book because of the TV show which I really enjoy. Usually, I read a book before watching related items. I didn't even know Longmire was a book, so that didn't work out so well for me this time. I knew the book would be good. It had to be for the show to be so entertaining. What I didn't know was that the book would be great! The show is just a little tiny candle flame compared to the bonfire of the book - the story, the humor, the characters. Loved it all. Can't wait to start the next one! View all my reviews

56 days of summer - 31

Yesterday, I did seriously write before and after church. I have approximately 4 more pages of content (unless I decide one of these last topics needs more, then I have to discard earlier work). It was exhausting and extremely satisfying. I'm in a Smart Notebook workshop Tues & Wed. I've got to go in today and get the program loaded on my computer. I'll think I'll stay and work a while. Always something to do donchano! I started a Longmire book,  The Cold Dish.   Having just finished a Dan Brown book, these chapters are really meaty! Surprisingly, it's terribly funny in parts. Last night, I was in a twitter chat. Sedley Abercrombie (another NCSLMA Emerging Leader ) founded this Sunday night chat. 7:30 pm. #NCTLchat . Topic is different each week. Don't have to join in the conversation, but you'll have a hard time not jumping in! You don't have to be in NC to participate. This week was on Promoting the Library with Elissa Malespin a .  Edie Crook s

56 days of summer - 29

Got NO writing done today. Slept in a bit. Read on the deck for a while. Ron and I ran errands. Where did the day go? Friend came over for dinner last night. It was raining, but temp was soooo nice, we sat out on the deck and we talked for HOURS! It got dark though, and I realized we could either sit in the dark or I could keep getting up and waving at the light that comes on automatically. We sat in the dark. Hopefully no more! We got some solar powered lights! Of course today wass cloudy, so they might even be brighter after a sunny day. They are enough light you can see others. Yeah! Mission accomplished. 

56 days of summer - 28

I believe 28 makes this the halfway mark of summer! Yesterday I spent the day at school. Thanks to Stephanie for all her hard work! Moving along at a much quicker clip because she is so generous with her time. Ron came in and the three of us shifted the computer tables. The theme is coming together nicely. All those letters I've been cutting out have come together as have the few modes of transportation I've completed. I'll work on getting some of the other pictures on blog tomorrow. I've been rewriting the parts of my book ms, so nothing terribly new has popped off my fingertips except for making some of the problems much stronger.

Apollo 11

Several of my friends have been posting about Apollo 11 today. I have a slight personal connection. My dad worked on Apollo 11 in a contract communications position. Here is a memento he received for his role in this project.   The book was rather puffy, so I just took pix with my phone.

56 days of summer - 26

Yesterday, I hit the halfway mark in my manuscript. Today is also dedicated to writing. Wondering if 3/4 is too much for which to hope. I'm am seriously disliking fractions found in the real world at the moment ;) Writing math problems makes for a pretty boring report. I did sneak in a few other things. Still looking for some books to fill out series. Still cutting out letters. I am about to move on to modes of transportation!  

56 days of summer - 24

Saturday was really full. I worked on the math book. 8/60 pages completed for first draft and some of that was edited pretty heavily. Ate lunch with Blythe, Joe and Levi. Then Ron and I put together some wicker-esk patio furniture. Then it was dark and ,all I could do was sit on it and eat sugar-free Popsicles. Sunday was church, lunch with the Maleks :D Cut out letters when I wasn't napping. My husband makes a wonderful cup of coffee, btw. Today - dedicated to writing and working on the library theme. OK mainly writing, theme will give me a some breaks.  

56 days of summer - 21

Today, I assembled a 10' side hanging umbrella and base - w almost 200 lbs of sand. I kept having to take apart what I'd done. Instructions were ok but not great. We did have one busted part. Company was great to work with on replacement - at least initially. Hopefully it will get here soon. I also rearranged the living room and cut out a ton of letters.

56 days of summer - 20

Today was Ron's over-50 procedure. While not thrilled with the procedure, I have liked two mornings of breakfast out. Watched a thriller called  Grand Piano . I don't play the piano, but it struck me as strange that the pianist didn't use the foot pedals at all. Are they completely unnecessary?

56 days of summer - 19

Last night I finally got around to watching  Rise of the Planet of the Apes.   I've always loved Planet of the Apes movies. This one was pretty good. Apes are much more realistic these days. Today, I went to the library to work with my friend Stephanie. Got new labeling up on the shelves and some of the new theme up. So this year's theme:

56 Days of summer -18

Today I had one of those fabulous procedures that's a must after 50. So, I've taken a totally lazy day spent on the couch napping and watching MI 5.

Books about Town

How cool is this!? [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"] Around the World in 80 days![/caption] Books about Town 2 July - 15 September 2014 Books about Town is coming to London this summer! Find all 50 unique Book Bench sculptures, designed by local artists and famous names to celebrate London’s literary heritage and reading for enjoyment.

Reluctant readers in the library

This article has some tips for advising reluctant readers on the latest and greatest without having to read them all yourself. Tips for the Reluctant Readers’ Advisor

Myths and Super Teachers

This is good, very good.   HT: Diane Ravitch

56 days of summer - 16

Church this a.m. Since it's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, I fought seriously with some ground cover this afternoon. Then placed some concrete squares for steps from my house to my neighbors! They had actually been visible years ago, but the ground cover took over and they shifted. So, I cleared an area and did some digging and voila - they look almost like new. I also cut out a dead shrub. Greenery looks so much better when it's green!  

Question about your library visits

When you enter a library, what do you see (sense, hear, feel) that makes you feel welcome? If you don't feel particularly welcomed at your library, what would you like to see that would make a difference?

56 days of summer - 14

Today is the 4th of July. American Independence. I watched a sad video where people could tell what they do on the day but not what the day represents. I was going to make a comment, but then I saw two posts in the few on the screen that bashed teachers for this lack of knowledge. I don't know about you, but I did not need to go to school to know what we celebrate on July 4! The day was not much different for me (since it is one of my summer days!). It was a beautiful day, so I read on the back deck for a while finishing Adrenaline . Then I: Cut out letters for banners in the library. Worked on the student page of the library website. Got a few station activities started. Cleaned out my desk and the office closet. (Which means a boatload of stuff for recycling and the shredder.) Started looking over the assignment for the 5th grade math book. Cooked out on the same dec

56 days of summer - 13

Nowhere I had to be today (for the first day this week). Really nice feeling! I worked on the web page some more. I made some little boxes using a table for buttons. The boxes are different colors and the font color is white. After linking them up, I found there was no way to keep the link white after it's been clicked. There are ways, but none that I could get to work in school wires. Here's what it looks like without the links:               Tomorrow, I'll have to see about making an image map instead of the links like I normally make them. I also got a contacted today for a 5th grade math book. Yeah.

56 days of summer - 12

Today, I went to work in the library. I spent most of the time working in the office reorganizing a bit. I'd bought new storage baskets and put some of them to good use. Unpacked a couple of book orders. Fiddled around some more with this years upcoming theme. I did take some empty library pictures to use later.

56 days of summer - 11

Today, I worked on the library web page. I wish I could say I liked Schoolwires, but alas, I don't. It's not awful, awful, awful, but everything takes way too much work. My banner: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"] Moore Library Banner[/caption] Matches the school webpage colors pretty well, but I have to put it on every stinkin' page because we already have a school site of which the library is a part. I am determined to make this work in a most functional and attractive way! This afternoon, I went school shopping to The Dollar Store, Target, Education Express and 5 and below. I threw in a trip to Ulta just for fun. I've been working on a theme for the year. I'll talk about that in another post. It was hot. Very hot. I also need to dust my car. Off to catch up on USA play!