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But the furniture is white . . .

We painted the walls white. I say that with some trepidation. In my home-improvement related reading, I've found people have very strong opinions about white. We'd had deep blue walls for years, and I was just plain tired of it. OK, it also looked like it had been around for years. Paints of the past were not of the same quality as those found today. We also live in a center townhouse, so we only have windows in the front and back of the house. White really brightened things up. What became quickly evident however was that the white furniture that looked fabulous next to the blue walls made the house look like a sanitarium. After searching miles and miles of paint chips. We decided on Valspar's Jekyll Sans Souci Green with black accents. Valspar has a nice little color selector that allows you to save your colors. I've got nothing to disclose here. I paid for the paints I used at Lowes. Here's the chip. Here are a couple of pieces before the painting. This is just

So I haven't posted since November? Yikes!

I love to write. I know, I know. You certainly can't tell that by the frequency of my blog posts. I've been thinking  recently  seriously about what to post. I've got teaching tips for the library and remodeling ideas to share. But I've actually got to stop doing those things to write about them.. It's just one more evening painting and then that one more becomes a week. Or one more week reorganizing shelves and then it's a month.  Then some how winter has completely passed and it's miraculously spring. But I've been doing and thinking about writing as I'm doing and then doing some more. Here is an incomplete list so things I wanted to write about (and maybe I still will . . .) Master bath renovation (1st week of December. Oh my goodness can we say terrible timing many many times?) Stripping wall paper in hall and stairway. Repairing walls. Painting room after room after room. Researching flooring and cabinet paints. Reading numerous (I ha