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Arrow Recruiting

Well, I'm virtually finished with my masters so to say it's been tempting to look at jobs related to libraries would be a great understatement. So a job came across my feed that looked interestingly perfect for me and I clicked. Job looked even better when I read the whole thing so I sent in my resume. *ahem* I got a response pretty fast for a Saturday. At first I got an email from Sarah at RecruitArrow thanking me for my resume. Then I got an email from her telling me that while I was highly qualified, librarians are hard to place. At this time I'm getting a little suspicious because nothing about my qualifications for the specific job had been mentioned. Sarah gave several suggestions of places to look. Some (if not all) of them were for-pay job sites. I wish that I'd kept those earlier emails so I could give the names of the sites. (If you've had experience with RecruitArrow and saved those sites, I'd love to post them here. Please comment and let me know.)

On my to read list:

Supporting Differentiated Math Instruction in a Common Core World Adolescent literacy in perspective  

Social Media and Schools

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="400" caption="From"] [/caption] When I was on spring break, several social media vs school opinion pieces came through my feed. (let me insert here how nice it was to have time to actually read items that came through on my feed instead of just scanning them). The first one was on Dangerously Irrelevant . What do you think of this proposed social media policy for school employees?   It got a whopping 51 comments, and it absolutely reminded me of the policy my county adopted . You can do this and this and this and you can't do that and that and that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know we have to be careful. I know we need to be prudent. BUT so much of what education is IS about building relationships. I personally know the power of using the internet to build relationships. Several people, who were complete strangers years ago, are no longer. They are not only good, but great friends. Somew

According to the FBI, Hundreds of Thousands May Lose Access to the Internet in July « Zwinglius Redivivus

For my friends who don't *gasp* read Jim West's blog. According to the FBI, Hundreds of Thousands May Lose Access to the Internet in July « Zwinglius Redivivus . I checked out my computers. It was easy enough and nice to see that they hadn't been infected.

Online Portfolios

Earlier this year, I discussed creating a teacher portfolio based on the NC Evaluation Standards by McRel. I had to create a portfolio for my internship and used wikispaces for that one. I liked it well enough but wonder how user friendly it is for the reader (like what if I have to present a print copy?). What have you used for digital portfolios that you've been happy with? I've considered using: slideshare google docs wordpress or blogger some free web page builder wikispaces live binder Anything on that list strike you as better than the other? More practical, easier to use for the creator or the reader, something I'm missing?  

Do you watch Grimm?

There's a Grimm Wiki . Trying to figure out Renard.

Rebuilding old habits

Three years ago, I started two new things. The first was a new job farther from the house than I'd been driving, and the second was a masters program. With those new things, old things dropped off my plate. Even reading has fallen by the wayside this school year much to my regret. So, I'm entering a new season with graduation just around the corner and I've got to retrain myself apparently to read and to write. Gonna take some concentrated effort I think.

My Evernote

I want to thank Lisa Jacobson-Brown @ Pearson for a review copy of this book. First, Evernote is a nice little free app to help organize your life. It's easy to use and it syncs on all your devices. There is an online component so you can access it from any computer with Internet access. Evernote is not difficult to use if are at all computer savvy. But when given the opportunity to look at the book, I thought it would be loaded with the things I couldn't figure out on my own. I'm not sure that's true, but I did learn some things from the book that saved me some digging around time in the Evernote Forum . This is a very slick book btw. The pages are thick and glossy. It's full of pictures and easy to use. The book covers the very basics of downloading, making notes and editing them. I hadn't intended to use Evernote for anything but keeping myself organized across devices, but it's got potential to do more along the lines of word processing and publishing.