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Sitting in the pew

Yesterday, my head could have just gone ahead and fallen off by the end of the day. I went to bed having taken the max of medicine and positioned a heating pad strategically under the most painful points. I just knew that I would be groggy and tired when I work up, but I felt much better. We decided to go to church a little early as this was move-in day for Salem College. I forgot my rings and watch. Funny how the little things like that can just mess you up. We get to Main street and don't move. They are having a race and only letting a car through once every few lights. I am all for pausing for the racers, but more cars could have gone through than the gentleman was letting (and some of the folks were barely moving ;) ). Ron was starting to get just a tad irritated and by the time we got up near church, we had a hard time finding a place to park. Ron actually had to get back in the car and move it when we realized the place he'd chosen wasn't really a place. I watched oth

Theme Song

I got tagged in a new meme (although I'm a couple of layers down). I know I'm dating myself with this one. The Rules are simple - 1- Pick what you think is a good ‘theme song’ for God. 2- Post your audio or video on your blog. 3- Tag 3 people (for obvious reasons- and if you don’t understand why, don’t participate). Now, I've been fighting a migraine all day and it's about to win, so I had a really hard time with this - coming up with a song and I'm no so sure how I feel about it in the great schema, but that could be the migraine talking. I'm not going to tag anyone because of my head, but I may tomorrow when it's better ;) If you can think of something, please post it and say I tagged you!

Library quote

I keep seeing this quote in one of the listservs I'm on and every time, I'm nodding in agreement: First of all- an unstaffed library is not a library- it is a storage facility for books and media and technology" Lisa Von Drasek, Children's Librarian

Class of 2014 - their reality

Beloit College Mindset List . This always make me stop and think. Video is here. Authors expound on the list.

Your call is (not that) important to us by Emily Yellin

Read Chapter 1 . I don't normally pick up airline magazines, but I did on the way back home and found this gem. It's about customer service. Chapter 1 focuses primarily on Comcast and some of this you have to read to believe. There's the story of LaChania Govan who had a problem with her video recorder. After a month, she finally got in touch with someone who helped her only to get the next bill with her name changed to something mmmmm unseemly. D. C. technician on the phone so long waiting for help that he fell asleep on the customer's couch. Customer taped this incedent: Mona Shaw (76)  and hubs waited for a technician to come and install her triple play (phone, internet, cable). They showed two days later and didn't finish. AND they didn't come back to finish. They've got no phone. They can't call, so they drive to the office and are told to wait OUTSIDE in August. They waited for two hours to find out the man they were there t

Taking a second look

I noticed that Chuck is still not posting. His last post was 8/4. Please continue to pray for his recovery. Gary had an anniversary! Mark had a birthday.   Joel has a new FB pix. (OK, that happened before I left, but just . . .) It's the Battle of the Bible Wars. Which one will be the victor? The best quote so far in this battle is from Beck ! Were they real or not? Discussions started by TC , Jeff . My vote: Real! Tim posted a great video on all kinds of things. Watch it and you will smile at some point. This one will also probably make you smile, but for entirely different reasons. WBMoore grapples with Christians and sinning. Bill has several really good series going now. Just pick one. Any and all are worthwhile. Robert discusses the cultural relevance of churches (and music ). While Brian picks on Sola Scripura. Not too long ago, I commented on Christians in higher educatio n. Hiscrivener has an example from Augusta State. Joel asks about attending Liberal Universities. I can&

On my reader - what I came home to . . .

this isn't a round up post (although I'll most likely write one). It is an irritated post. Now I had added some tech news feeds. I'd added some education, some kitchen, some fun things over the summer. Even taking two classes and a free lance job, there is just more time in the summer. We were gone five days. Five. The reader sat at 1000+. wow. Some of the feeds had well over 100. Some had over 200! I was gone five days. Who can keep up with that? Averaging one post a day is good. Sometimes I will write several in a day and then can't get back to it for several others. Averages out. I understand why someone may want to write two or three, but I'm sorry - 100+ posts in five days is ridiculous. Actually 50 is way over the top. So, as I scanned my reader, anything I subscribed to with a minimum of 50 posts was deleted. No questions asked. There just isn't time in life to read that much. I don't care how good the content is.

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

via  Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943 Everyone of them fascinating. Some are very touching. HT

Sharing through your feed

Bill mentioned this in his collection of posts - see bottom of page. His shared google feed. Still would like to know how you got the big picture at the top??? This piqued my curiosity. I have hit the share button on my feed knowing no one would see that item because I had no idea where they'd go. Well, I found it on my google profile yesterday. Here's mine. It's more education than anything right now, but it is that time of year for me to uber-think about my field. Here is how you find it if like me you didn't / don't have a clue. Now, we all subscribe to many of the same blogs, but we also subscribe to different feeds too, and I'm confident that you might share something on your feed that I'd never see on my own - something not quite worthy of posting about (or time lacking, yet) but thought provoking none-the-less. There is even a comment feature so a discussion could be held on the feed.

Essays that Lie

via Blog U.: Essays that Lie - Provost Prose - Inside Higher Ed . This certainly caught my eye. We've heard a lot about plagiarism and it's easy enough to understand that using the work of another is fairly rampant. I personally run many of my papers through Pre-Grade to make sure they sound like me and not someone else (Dan Brown?? ;) ). But this blog entry by Herman Berliner addresses not the using of someone's work but claiming to do something you haven't done. The dad also talked about his son’s essay which he felt was also very compelling. The essay outlined a series of activities undertaken by the son to help economically disadvantaged youth. I commented to the dad that I was enormously impressed by both the quality and quantity of the son’s community engagement. The dad’s response, which surprised me, was that he wasn’t sure that his son had done all that was claimed but that the essay was nevertheless very compelling. I very quickly responded that I have


VBS started last night. Major theme is hymns. Each night has a different theme. Gospel & Old Time Religion. Choral Music of Our Faith. Band Concert - bands are very big with Moravians. Brandon learned to play the cornet with a Moravian Band when he was in middle school. Contemporary and Praise Music. Campfire songs with a cookout/picnic. Adults also have four classes Sunday to Wednesday: Hymn writing. Journaling. Music conversation. Ukranian Eggs. I almost went to the journaling class, but decided on Ukranian Eggs before. Very fascinating and added I'm sure for the non-musical among us ;) Here are some sites that explain the process: