Current Events -- A neighbor's revenge

This little piece is from Motorious, and it’s got some amazing cross curricular content in it. 

Neighbor’s camera goes off every day about the same time.
Culprit — little kid on bike. 
For revenge, neighbor maps out a bike course for little kid! Wait! That’s not revenge. That’s a WIN!

Math — estimate the size of the double driveway.
What’s the average size of a double car driveway in front of a house?
How much area of that driveway could be covered with track and the track still be realistic to maneuver? 
How does this change if the double driveway changes to a single?
Angle measurements of track.

Art — Well, the sky’s the limit on this one. I’m seeing Zentangles all over the place now. 

Science — how do smaller spaces influence possible speed?
And just how fast can a little kid travel on a bike?
What happens if the driveway is on an incline?
Bigger (or smaller) bikes change things. How?

Social studies — Community relations.
Housing and income.
What are some reasons why someone would put a camera to see the driveway?

This has SEL written all over it!


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