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How are school libraries funded in your state?

Happy Friday morning! NC School Library Media Association had its first State Library Legislative Day, and for the most part, it was a huge success. We have several follow up opportunities and need to gather information to make the most of them. One of our needs is to find out what models other states use for funding school libraries. Our model in NC: State allocates funds for a librarian and materials (I'm not sure how much yet. That is another thing I'm working on.) Funds go to Districts which have discretion on how to further allot them.  Funds go to Schools which have discretion again on how to use.  I'm sure you know where I'm going with all of this discretionary use of funds. Most of the time, the library ends up with no funds for materials. A large number of our schools have librarians (so far), but that funding is also discretionary. The position is currently recommended but not required. Bottom line: the most common scenario appears to be that the library

NC School Library Legislative Day

This week, NCSLMA had our first Library Legislative Day. We had librarians from across the state participate and meet with NC Senators, Representatives, and their assistants. A few huge thanks are in order. The first goes to Dr. Anthony Chow from UNCG who serves as the adovacy chair for NCLA. Dr. Chow has been extremely generous with his time and knowledge leading us through the process. Crystal Joyce, Advocacy and Governance Section Chair for NCSLMA, and her team, Lila Morel and Faith Huff worked closely with Anthony to learn the process and recruit people. They were willing to take the first steps to get this huge event underway. Their hard work certainly paid off! Thanks to all who participated. The event itself was amazing and numerous positive contacts were made. I have every confidence that this is just the beginning!

Changing things up

I stripped the walls in the library of all decor. Don’t get me wrong, they looked good - really good, but I’d had a passport theme up for the last three years and it’s time for a change! I’m keeping the same color coding - Yellow - Fiction Blue - Nonfiction Red - Picture books Why am I doing that now you ask? I don’t know. It’s legit crazy with inventory and DLMI and all the books being returned and county orders coming in, but sometimes you have to do what you want to do and not just what you have to do! I’ll share the progress in a few days. 

How often do you read?

I read everyday and still can't get through or to all the books I want to read! And it's not even close! How about you?

Facts of life - personal version

I am more fact-oriented than emotional, more planner than flights of fancy, and more water off a duck’s back than wounded. However, I’m not immune to things emotional, flighty, and wounded. Sometimes they just whack you right upside the head (to quote my dad), and you have to address them.  In addressing those silly things, I always come back to the factual. Those things I know to be true regardless of any fleeting circumstances. My husband is incredible.  A good set of friends and coworkers is an amazing gift.  It’s ok to not control everything you want to control. Not being humble by nature means periodic humblings will occur. Rejoicing with others is one of the essentials of happiness. God is soveriegn - truly the best one. 

VERY short color survey

Please fill out this library related survey!   What's the person, place, or thing you think of when you see red, blue, and yellow. Thanks for your help!            

Tracking words per minute for young readers

Here's a cool idea from Catlin Tucker.  Teach Students to Track How Many Words They Read Per Minute Using Voice Typing and Google Forms In a coaching session with a second-grade teacher, I suggested we try using Voice Typing in Google Documents to help students track how many words they read in a minute. I hoped that giving them the tools to track their words per minute might motivate them to stay focused on the task of reading a challenging passage. Click on the link above to see how it worked for her!

Virtual Preschool

Virtual PK? Who can possibly think this is a good idea? What do preschoolers need? Play Interaction with other children Play Hands on activities Play Exposure to routine Play Add to that list that there are multiple studies that show screen time should be limited for young children and this spells DISASTER for NC preschoolers.  Read what Justin Parmenter has to say: