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Doubled donations when you help my students today!

Hi Friends, I want to make sure my students have the materials they need to succeed, so I've created a classroom project request through, an award-winning charity. Donations of any size will help my kids. Right now, any contribution you make to my project will be doubled by An Anonymous Funder. Your donation will brighten my students' school year, and you'll get heartfelt thank yous from my class and photos of your gift in action. Here's my classroom request: Read & Ride in the Library!  To have your donation matched dollar for dollar, just make a contribution on that project page - donations will be doubled automatically, but only while funding lasts. If you know anyone who is passionate about education, please pass this along. My students and I greatly appreciate your support. Bitsy

One Year Update on Library Flip

This time last year, I was just beginning the great adventure of turning a storage bin Library into a welcoming and functional place. This week, we about got the final physical changes down that I've been waiting to complete. The library last year looked like this: Below shows the space as empty as possible. Our fabulous custodial staff put as many of the tables as possible in the corner for carpet cleaning. It's an amazingly large space. [gallery ids="6570,6562,6563,6561,6560,6566" type="rectangular"] Now, the last little challenge is computers. The desktops are in front of the SmartBoard. I didn't take a great picture of this terrible arrangement, but you can kind of see it here. I tried and tried to get a rug in front of the board, but it was not going to happen! I've been chipping away at them computer by computer. This is the next incarnation, and there is now space for a rug. There are computers hidden on those tables. Really ;) This meant we

Coming to grips with reality

Saturday, I went to see Wonder Woman with my oldest son. I know. I'm late to this game, but since most of you have already seen it . . . It was great, wasn't it!?! I didn't think about real life once during the movie! Now you'd think, at this stage of my life, I'd know I'll never be Wonder Woman. But I still grapple with that little fact. I've got the drive, I've got energy, I've got ambition. I want to simultaneously fight for better education and funding for libraries while at the same time making my library a not-so-hidden paradise. But I had regular parents and lacked interference from Zeus, and this my friends, makes me a mere mortal. To top off that sweet little fact with a maraschino cherry, I'm at the wrong end of middle age. I can't do everything I'd like to do. OK, so that was never my reality, but now it's painfully obvious that doing everything I want is even more of a dream. Darn. What is a mortal to do over the summer t