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Highlights from the year

In the hallway! What a great idea! This is something we could do to showcase varied activities happening in the library. HT: Science Notebooking, Teaching, and Technology

Feeding my calendar addiction

Polka Dots!  Free polka dots!

Flipping the library

Time for another library update! First, the walls and cabinets were covered with 3M mounting tape. EWWW! With some help from my Facebook friends, I found out that GooGone is the ticket. AND this was the result! Ron got all the cabinets and end of shelves stripped of this nasty stuff today! Unfortunately, there are still the walls and windows to go. I worked some more in the office. The professional library was moved into the cabinets in the office and freed up three shelving units! But the main work was done in the main part of the library. Here is what the library looked like the last week of school. Here is what it looked like today when I left. Mmmmmmm crawled out. It's definitely got a ways to go, but the space is really opening up!

Working in the new digs

Today is day two of working in my new library. I am exhausted, but thrilled. So much to do and it's shaping up. Well, it's gotten messier to shape up! Today, I worked primarily in the office area. Yesterday I emptied what seemed like 100s of boxes of books. Well, maybe it was hundreds of boxes. The office before I began: [gallery ids="5421,5422,5423" type="rectangular"]   The office when I left today: [gallery ids="5427,5428,5429,5430" type="rectangular"] Tomorrow: Professional library and stuff - pencils, stickies, markers . . .

I am a planner addict

I know I'm not alone in this. I've been in search for the perfect planning book / calendar for ages. I've bought them, I've made them. I'm NEVER happy with them. Oh, they satisfy my needs for short while, but then I'm distracted by a new planner that offers something the one I have doesn't. I've tried digital and paper. Mmmm This is a typical love/hate relationship I'm realizing. I did come across a free one .  So I'll share. It's really pretty with quite a few options.    

New library = messy plans

I accepted a position in an older school. I am ready to get started. I became a librarian for lots of reasons, but one of the main ones is organization. I can organize things, ideas, people - just give me a few minutes. Well, sometimes it takes longer. The new library is BIG, but it's older. Things have accumulated. It needs some spit and polish. It needs straightening. And I need to know what's in it. The only way I know to do that is to go through everything. Resort. Reorganize. Did I mention . . .  I'm ready to get started? Since I've done this before, I've got a messy plan of attack. These are beach plans, working at the pool plans, enjoying the sunrise and sunset plans. Having been in this position before, I'm pretty certain some of this will work like a charm, but every library is different and plans are written to be adjusted. One thing that's not on the list is pictures. I need to add that! Last time, I started after school started. I jumped into the

Happy Father's Day!

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I Like Bugs by Margaret Wise Brown

Second grade put on the cutest musical called BUGZ! And when I say cute, I mean CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! So, I pulled out an old friend of mine,  I Like Bugs by Margaret Wise Brown. We read it in k, 1st, & 2nd after they'd seen the musical (for K & 1) and then we wrote our own Odes to Bugs with illustrations. Pretty cute at this level too! [gallery ids="5365,5366,5367,5368,5369,5370,5371,5372,5373" type="rectangular"]

Don't Let the Pidgeon Stay Up Late

EOY scheduling things start getting screwy, so one week we just read a book for fun and illustrated it. [caption id="attachment_5342" align="alignnone" width="200"] Photo from Wikipedia [/caption] Samples from our gallery for your viewing pleasure: [gallery ids="5348,5349,5350,5351,5352,5353" type="rectangular"]  

How to Draw

Love this!