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What to do with photos?

I realized I had multiple copies of some photos on my phone. That's what started this adventure. Well, maybe I should say restarted. Back in time before phones were as smart as they are, I decided to digitize all our photos. I had to use a scanner though. Phones are much faster. Decisions to be made include: where to keep the digitized photos for perpetuity. I've already got pix in several places. Too hard to find and not good for sharing. I mainly used photobucket before. I don't think I'll keep it because it's not easy to maneuver. what editing app to use ( I almost typed software here. How yesterday. ;) ) how to organize the photos. which ones to keep. I'm trying to approach this like weeding books, but I'm finding it to be much more difficult. I've tried a couple of apps on my phone. Heirloom  - not bad. It allows you to keep your photos in albums as well as to share them. Lacks an editing component, and it's kind of clunky. Camera+  

Return to writing, day 1

This is my favorite chair at my favorite time of the day. It's dark right now, but it won't be for long. The sun is just starting to peek over the horizon and before long, it will be in full sun. Most days, the chair sits through this magnificence alone. I go to work long before there is sun, but there are days, like today, when I get to sit here and enjoy this wonder.  

I used to write

I used to write a lot. An event in the last few days made me go back looking for a date. A date on which I remember writing. The date ended up being 9.15.07. I looked through a lot of posts to get back that far. Some things I only wrote about once, but there were many, many topics that came up again and again. Education in general Teaching NC General Assembly and budgets What it means to be a Christian Books Movies Learning So, why don't I write so much anymore. Well, I do, but it's on Facebook. That's a shame. Facebook doesn't keep things like a blog does. I could never go back through Facebook and find a post from 9.15.07 to reread. I also noticed that as I progressed through my MLS, writing happened less and less. A habit was broken. Time, energy, topics. Everything revolved around completing course work. I started writing to work through my childhood, and it went on to absolutely everything else. I am a generalist. I keep  trying to do blogs on specifi