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56 days of summer - 10

I've been looking at home redo ideas. Love these cabinets . Different color though. Have you used the COMO app builder to build an app? If you did, how did it work out for you? Thinking about using it for a library app.

56 days of summer - 9

We don't normally watch TV while we eat, but the pork chops were ready and Greece and Costa Rica were tied. Not the ending I was expecting! Go Costa Rica!                      

The value of Value Added

This morning I read  an article (not recent) about a California teacher, Rigoberto Ruelas. He was apparently wonderful at what he did, but his perception of his success changed when someone decided it was a good idea to publish the value added scores of the LAUSD teachers in the paper. This performance score is based on student test scores. Mr. Ruelas taught in a what we would call a tough school, and despite that, he made a difference. Unfortunately, to him, his entire career was boiled down to a number that reflected he was less than that difference he actually made. To make matters worse, that number was published for the whole world to see. There are so many things wrong with this. And I'd really like to know who makes the decisions to make individual teacher's classroom test scores public. Who are those decision makers who understand so little about what happens in the classroom?  They don't seem to understand that we don't control all the variables that come in w

56 days of summer - 8

For those of you who like to count something about your food, this site has some great numbers.       Look at these view numbers! Always amazes me when I get a Slide Share update and I see numbers in the 10,000s for views.               Worked on the alphabetizing game started the other day. NOT finished yet ;) Started a new book: Adrenaline [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="314"] Adrenaline[/caption]    

Math in the library

Barb Kibler linked to this on FB:   Uses of something similar in the library are rolling around in my head!

56 days of summer - 7

Did get the clothes washed today. Started thinking about the new roman shades for the bedroom. I worked on an alphabetizing activity for BTS. Finished cutting out school items didn't get cut out on the way to the beach. Saw this on FB. Great idea for open house. Posted by School Outfitters.   Last night, I watched  Jane Eyre.  It was decent.  

56 days of summer - 6

We are home. I've got to get the other entries added before I put this one up and I'm just too tired today to do that. I should wash clothes, but that's not gonna happen today. Finished  Shift.  Ready for  Dust,  but I've got to finish the Abyssinian Proof first.

56 days of summer - 5

It was rainy or cloudy most of the day. We walked to a closely place for lunch again, then went to the pool. I watched a little boy sit near my feet and play with some flip flops. These were the knd where the toe piece goes all the way through the shoe. It was sticking out the bottom. He pushed it in and pulled i out. Then he realized the other shoe worked the same. After alternating between the two, he flipped them over and seemed surprised they were shoes. He very neatly put them together under the lounger and ran off. Later, same little boy discovered the foot wash. He was too light to get it to go off. At first, he jumped up and down on it, then he stood on it waiting. Someone walked up and stepped on it. He burst into giggles. Finished  Wool  last night and started on  Shift.  Not quite as good, but still a decent read.

56 days of summer - 4

Early, beautiful. Raining in the distance. A little dog is fighting with the waves.

56 days of summer - 3

Today was much like yesterday. Went to beach, Broadway, ate at Joes, napped, then back to the beach. Found some Clark's for school. Both books are getting better. Harder and harder to choose which one to pick up. There was a birthday party on the beach in the evening. Girl in a bright pink dress. But for the dress (and lack of a groom), I would have thought it was a wedding.

56 days of summer - 2

I did write while at the beach. Internet connection at the hotel was TERRIBLE. :/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today we went to the beach early, then walked to downtown. We stopped in every little (or big) shop and browsed, ate lunch on some patio at some grille (can't remember the name but they had great food) and walked back. I've got two books going. I started the Silo Series by Hugh Howey.  I'm in book 1, Wool.  Easy reading. The Abyssinian Proof  by Jenny White features a detective named Kamil and is set in the Ottoman Empire. Took a bit to get into it, but it's grown on me.

56 days of summer

or is it 40. I couldn't decide to count the the weekends or not, but I wanted to use the time to get back in the habit of blogging and thought this would the be perfect time to do it. So, for habits sake, I'm going to count the weekends! Last week was a work week. There are so many things that have to be done that just don't happen when the students are there. I don't ever want to sound like I don't love most every minute that I'm with students. I do. So many things pile up though: series needing new call numbers, books to process, books to fix, weeding, shifting, book room, deleting lost materials and that doesn't even touch lesson plans and materials. I couldn't believe the amount of things we got through last week and still have so much left to do. But, today is the first day of summer, and while I'll have to address the left overs at some point, we are going to the beach. I've got items for the library to cut out on the drive and of course bo

no reply from my NC congressman and senator

Wondering what my next move should be now.  I will say, whenever I write to Virginia Fox, I receive something in return. Debra Conrad & Earlene Parmon NC General Assembly Vote History