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Things neglected for grad school

I've said it before, but there are some things I just flat out miss since being in grad school again. I miss reading whatever I want. I haven't stopped reading, but I've read brainless trash because I've got no brain power left to read everything I want. I do like reading brainless trash, but not exclusively. I miss biblical and theological readings. I miss doing book reviews. I desperately miss intense Bible study. I am not whole. I am nearly empty. I am biding time. I miss writing about topics I feel passionate about. Don't get me wrong. I am passionate about libraries and the role they play in education and society, but there are a few other things I'd like to devote my attention to besides the financial statement of the local public library system. I miss in-depth planning of lessons. I miss getting lost in a lesson and hunting for all the variables that will make it absolutely smashing. I hate shaving the time off preparation. I miss never sitting down with

Experiments in standing - 2 weeks

It's been almost two weeks since moving my desk to waist high. The first few days were the hardest, but it was also a very hard week at school. Since I stand nearly all day, I was unsure what standing in the evenings would be like. Standing has become more of a habit. I do still have the stool out for an occasional perch. I've got some shoes that are easier to stand in than others. Huge surprise there. ;P  I think I've been more productive, but that's a bit subjective as every day's workload is different. I do know I've been sleeping better. So, I think I'll keep it up. I may have to look for a bigger work space though. I had to get the ironing board out and put it beside my smaller work area to sort papers from which I was gathering info for a paper. When I was finished though, the papers went in the recycling bin and the ironing board went back in the closet. That may actually be a real solution. I've also got plenty of room on my desktop now for sorti