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When You Give a School Librarian an Empty Space

I walked into the new school library at Chatham Grove Elementary School for  the first time in May 2020. There was so much space! It was incredible! We  could host a square dance in between the eighteen double-sided rolling  shelves, four book carts, and two rolling chairs. The furniture looked so  small all by themselves. [...] You may view the latest post at https://knowledgequest.aasl.or g/when-you-give-a-school-libra rian-an-empty-space/

Current Events -- NASA's OGO-1 Satellite

  NASA's OGO-1 satellite has finally returned to Earth after 56 years in orbit news/86615-nasa-ogo-1- satellite-has-finally- returned-earth.html After 56 years in orbit, this satellite splashes down near Tahiti. What technologies do we have today that we didn’t have when this satellite went up? How are satellites used? What was happening in NASA 56 years ago?  There was an article preview on the same page about a palm pilot which made me wonder what technologies have come and disappeared in that time frame. How does something that big falling into the ocean affect the living organisms? How has day-to-day living changed since the OGO-1 went up? (Or any single aspect of it!)

Current Events -- Corn Moon

  A full “corn moon” rises tonight — and it only happens once every three years.   Unfortunately, this is yesterday’s news, but . . . Since it’s yesterdays news, it’s a good time to walk the kids through internet searching techniques to find more information on the  event . Key words, looking at the source for accuracy and authenticity, etc.  -Examine the lunar cycle/moon phases -How does this happen every three years when the moon phases every 29.53 days? This is also an amazing math exploration.  -Discuss the accuracy of the Farmer’s Almanac.  -How often do we have two full moons in the same month? For social studies —  This particular full moon is called other things in other countries. What cultural significance does the name hold in any of those countries? articles/ CAIiEDLFz0Df5ZqfMCTK438Hll4qGQ gEKhAIACoHCAowyNj6CjDyiPICMJyF xQU?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US% 3Aen