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Class size does matter

Class size. My oh my, I’ve seen a lot of silly things said about class size. Now Stu Egan from Caffinated Rage brings to  light another silly thing said . Bloomberg said: “Double the class size, with a better teacher, is a good deal for the students.” Oh no. It just doesn’t work this way. Visit a classroom and find out the truth.  Large classes have to be managed. Managed as in crowd control. Sure it can be done by a master, but learning suffers terribly because management is the first priority. The focus is almost always on crowd control. Got a trouble maker? They have a much larger audience, and I can guarantee you that they’ll pull in a few others into their side show. Now instead of completing the scripted teaching/learning routine carefully planned by a teacher not to disrupt the delicate management balance, the teacher has to slip back into management mode. I don’t have time to know my students if I have 40 or 50 in a class. Even 30 can be problematic.  Small classes still have t