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Libraries remind me . . .


Stations in the Library Part 2 – Student Engagement

Last month, I shared easy ideas to get stations started. While making sure you have engaging materials is half the battle, the other half is that the students understand what engagement looks like! They need to know what to do from the time they enter the library until they leave it. And there is only one way to make sure that happens! Teach it, model it, and practice it. Read More

Love, Erin Visit

Yesterday, we had a fabulous visit with Christie and Mark Pickel, the founders of Love, Erin . Their mission: Our family's mission with Love, Erin is to continue to share Erin's love and light to those in need.  Items such as baby wipes, food, school supplies, clothing, and first aid kits fill a Love, Erin tote and are given in memory of Erin. AND the Old Town Library was the recipient of their generosity. We currently have a Donor's Choose ( Gardening: Bringing Reading to Life! ) and an Amazon Wish List for gardening supplies. These wonderful presents are just the supplies we needed to get our gardening project off the ground. I've got a few pix, but hope to add more as they come in! Oh! See that cute little Panda? It's engraved with our name on it! Thank you Christie and Mark for generously sharing Erin's love and passions!

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