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Professional Real Estate (NCSLMA version)

Not surprisingly, I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about school libraries. New friends can tell within a few minutes that I am passionate about my job, school libraries, and the librarians that keep them running. I'm also passionate about our NC professional organization, NCSLMA, and the support it provides us. So it was with interest that I read this AASL Connect gem of a post from Dr. Maria Cahill (UKY). I'm reposting here with her permission: Hello all,     I just came across this quote and thought some of you might see the wisdom of it:   "Your professional organizational dues are the rent you pay for taking up space in the profession. Harsh? Perhaps, but think of the backstory. We all need support and cannot succeed on our own. Organizations… seek our participation, ask our opinions, and develop policy statements and practice guidelines that we depend on and use to promote our practice ideals..." (Kienle, 2019, p. 222). If you aren’t currently