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An American Crime

I’m still a bit tired from traveling, so last night, I watch An American Crime (2007)  instead of working on the lesson plans I really should have finished. It’s a true story (well as close as movies seem to get to true) about a poor girl named Sylvia Likens. She and her sister were left with Gertrude  Baniszewski while here parents were on the carnival circuit.  What happened to the poor girl was bad enough, but I wanted to know more, so I went digging. As mistreated and abused as Sylvia was on film, it was much, much worse in real life. Five people were jailed - four of them minors. It’s really hard to believe how inhumane people can be. It’s even harder to believe how easily people can be convinced to do wicked things, and even harder to understand how a girl could be tortured to death and NO one tell the authorities.  Movie