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Back in the library - Student Edition!

Last year was my first at Old Town Global Academy. We spent a lot (did I say A LOT) of time working on procedures and routines. That had a huge payoff semester 2 with quick reviews and lots of action. I did wonder how much time I'd need to spend getting us back up to par this year. We reviewed procedures. Did they remember them? They did. We practiced movement around the library. Did they move correctly? They did! Bingo! Every 1st - 5th grade class got to spend some time in stations for their first class of the year. This year, we are going to add components from Ron Clark's 55 to the mix. Can't wait to see the results!

Back to School! The Prequel.

I love the start of school! I love seeing my educator friends and getting back into a regular routine. I love the organization and planning. I LOVE seeing the kids again! So just what does back to school look like for a school librarian? Meetings - lots of meetings. Some on campus, some off. Some are online. Some I don't have to go to, but they are in the library, so I am kind in those too. We meet as a whole school, we meet as librarians, we meet as specialists, we meet as smaller groups of librarians, we meet to talk about curriculum & schedules. We meet as a district. Don't laugh! The district meeting is something I rarely look forward to only because it takes more time away from the library. BUT we always have a fabulous speaker and this year was no different. Ron Clark is incredibly inspiring - he's innovative and practical. Prepping for open house. Putting up some bulletin boards. Equipment & technology - lots of things have to be checked out t