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Photobucket bomb

It's been a busy summer, and I haven't had time to do some fun stuff that I'd planned - like work on my blog. Today, I'm trying to remedy that. I've been working on the template, and am checkout various things I can do on the WordPress hosted version, when I run across this sweet little gem: It looks like a picture while I'm typing, so I continue unaware. But the minute, I hit publish, POOF!, it turns into a sign that I'm a stealer of bandwidth. mmmmm When I first started selling on eBay (years and years ago), I came across a great little tidbit of information. Put your pictures on Photobucket and link them. YES! it worked on everything, eBay, my blog, my webpages! Absolutely everything. Until they changed their policy his summer. And now, I have 100s of pictures left suffering in their hands. Goodness knows where I've linked them all and where that badge of shame will show up. I can get them out of hock, for a mere $399 annual fee. Yes, all this can be