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In response to email from Senator David Curtis

Dear NC Congressman and Senator: I'm sure you've seen the email exchange between Sarah Wiles (Teacher CMS) and Dr. David Curtis. If not, here's a link ( ) that provides access to both letters. I've never considered myself an activist. I've thought of my years in education as service. The email exchange mentioned above has raised a great deal of discussion in educational communities across the United States. It's been talked about on blogs and forums. Unlike Ms. Wiles I am not ashamed to be a NC educator. However, events of this last year have deeply concerned me and made me hesitant to recommend education to others. I was not necessarily an advocate for increased pay. It would have been wonderful, but I read the news, I know times have been tough. However, added to very little pay increase, we've had the following: NC Legislature's flippant attitude toward tenure and masters pay greatly dis