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Claiming new space in the school media center

When I first walked into the C. C. Griffin Media Center, I was absolutely floored by the amount of space it had. It was big. It was light. It was beautiful. Space is a tricky thing, however! A lot of space doesn’t automatically equal good flow and work space. As I watched students and classes move around and work in the media center, I started thinking of a plan - not a radical plan, but a plan that would allow for better flow in the areas used most often and for classes to not feel cramped in certain sections. This is the view from the front. While you can’t see much, you can get the feel for the place as well as its size. The library was divided into three sections by double-sided, chest-high bookcases on wheels. One fourth of the library was fiction, one fourth of the library was nonfiction and one half of the library was reference. Each section had about eight tables with chairs. The fiction section had the most books and reference definitely had the least, so there was a bit of an