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NC HB315

Have you seen this bill? 115C-102.60. The bill lays out that 1) districts must have an MTAC committee, and 2) exactly who must be on the committee. There is a presumption that 1) we don't have district level MTACs and 2) we don't have a clue who to include.  The fact that most districts do have some committee to meet this criteria is ignored. AND the fact that the district committee is the 2nd step of a challenge - not the first - is also ignored. The first step is the MTAC committee at the school level of which I saw no mention. In reality - that's the true 2nd step, because the first is the school librarian! A position that is also ignored in all this verbiage.  115C-102.65. The establishment of a state level MTAC to which materials can be appealed. My biggest concern here is the presumption that the state can make any decisions that will understand the needs of any two schools within a district

President's Report - March 2019

I just got back from NCTIES19 and can't begin to tell you how much I learned! I tweeted out some of those like the digital interactive notebooks. I can't wait to try those. Gina Webster told me about SmashBoard. Another thing I can't wait to try. I've already been to their site and ordered a deck of cards. And I met dozens of new people in the Playground demonstrating how Padcaster might be used in schools.  Even better for me was the networking. I saw so many NCSLMA members and had multiple meetings about items we should pursue. I even had a great phone conversation with one of our county superintendents about the value of school librarians. I don't know about you, but conferences allow me a chance to reconnect, rethink, revise, and regroup. While it may be hectic, it is truly a precious time. The State of NC School Libraries Now, I've got to shift my focus and think about our Executive Board meeting in May. We've got to think about the future of