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Making with Magnets

One of our stations has various building materials (actually several have different sets of various building materials). But this one currently has K-Nex and Magnet shapes. Here's a third grade creation from yesterday. It's a spinner. If you look carefully in the second pix, you can see the blur of the spin.    

School librarian as a profession

I'm going to jump in this subject with both feet. Some of you will applaud what I'm going to say and others will shake your heads (or even your fists). That's OK. But I need to make this point, not make everyone happy. In NC, the role of school librarian is a licensed field. School library jobs should be filled with people who have that license. The professional standard for a school librarian in NC is a masters degree in library science - not a masters in English,  math, or curriculum - but a masters degree in library science. This is the requirement by North Carolina's Department of Education. Here's a good description from UNC, and this is clearly stated on DPI's website. So with all this said, what actually is the point of contention? If DPI is clear, licensure is clear, what's the problem? Schools and districts can choose to ignore this criteria. Really! When I was a math teacher, I HAD to have licensure in math, so I was truly surprised when I bec