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I miss Google Reader

I know, I know, it's been gone for ages. Still nothing else is as easy or as comfortable as it was. I was already in Google. It was so convenient. Now I have to open something else. I've tried dozens. Some are ok. Today, I'm trying Bloglovin. We'll see how that one goes. *sigh* Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Paper sizes

I've been reading a lot about paper sizes, qualities, textures for various things I'm thinking about for the library. I had no idea what all the numbers stood for - A4, A1, A???. Here's a chart just in case you were wondering too. From .

Update on the flip

Easy is finished enough to make station plans. Each section needs some work as the shifting of books was done for space requirements and not with *finding the book again* in mind! Nonfiction has been thought about, but no books have been touched yet. But I really like the way it's looking. Lights are still out due to the heat.

This mess of an Easy section

After day 1. I forgot to take a picture before I started. Looks like a used bookstore. The lights are out because there is no AC. (Insert big sweat drop here.)

It's back to work I go . . .

Last week, the carpets were cleaned at school. I thought they would be done early in the week, so I could go in on Wednesday and Thursday, but didn't happen. I didn't get to go in. So, instead I took a nap most days. Naps are really nice in the summer. I also went to a meeting on our county's adoption of Discovery Education. went to a departmental meeting. made a Little Free Library Box header (I'll have to take a pix, but it's to use in the library.) made a magazine banner and figured out a way to display new magazines. cleared out (and cleaned up) a small cart I think can work as a listening station. found some large tubs that can be used for big item stations. Worked on an August conference. Met friends for lunch! put a shed together laid a tile floor on the patio Went to Ikea to window shop for items I think I might like to use at home and in the library. We went on a family outing and ended up with two carts full of stuff. Not bad for

Interesting Carol Dweck piece on 'Mindset'

I'm doing some reading on how we as librarians can help with the growth mindset. Here's a start in the last paragraph: "discuss that it's effective research strategies that librarians can hel them with, and that these strategies and asking for help are not supplemental or remedial, but part of the very proscess of learning itself."

Three Weeks In

I've been working in the new digs for three weeks now - four days a week, 10 hours many days. I'm estimating that the library is about half way to where I'd like it to be. Completed: Week 1 - made decisions on items to keep or clear out.  Find a place to put items to keep. Clear the walls. Week 2 - organize items kept as best as possible. This is ongoing. Ron and I have joked time and time again about how we are having to move items to move items to a place that might make sense for a new home. Some cabinets are full of items that will just have to wait. Clear some more items out. This is tricky. If you move out too many things at once, you risk losing something of value. So some things you walk around and think about longer. Week 3 - reorganize fiction into genres. Move magazines and make a reading nook. Clear some more items. Upcoming: Week 4 - reorganize easy. Weeks 5 & beyond - reorganize nonfiction. Because you can only deal with books for so many h

Fiction and its genres

The librarian before me had started to genrefy the fiction section. He had a couple of things he'd started that he asked if I would continue, and this was one of them. Most *everything* is now sorted and shelved based on a genre. Sorting was a full two-day job since most of the books already had an identified genre. There are books in every section, however, that still need to be labeled, and I've got a sizable stack I need to research a bit to know where in the world they should rest. Here are some things I've noticed: Some things are just flat out hard to classify. Some things are way too easy to classify and classify and classify. Some books could go in multiple sections, which makes me wonder if we should have a general fiction section. Some sections are really large. Realistic and Fantasy are in this library. Maybe there are some sub-genres that could be pulled out? Some books have too many stickers on the spines. *bleh* I think you need some written guidelines

How Christians React

I'm human - very human. I speak without thinking, I'm caustic, I'm critical. I am human. I don't want anything I say to make you think I am not cognizant of that fact. I am also a follower of Christ, so even being that wicked human, I have to think about the things of Christ. Russell Moore wrote an excellent post,  How Pastors Can Address the Shootings This Sunday . Most of us aren't pastors, but read it anyway because there are some thoughts for us guys and gals in the pews to ponder on too. We can all pray for the victims and their families, and we should do it by name. I need to mourn for these parents. What do I really feel about the value of life and the lives of others? I need to examine the farthermost and darkest corners of my heart. Who should I listen to? What can I change? What can I say? What can I do? Where can I go? HT: Daniel Thompson  

Be Color Brave

I love where she talks about being comfortable with the uncomfortable! We have to talk even if we are uncomfortable.  We have to. HT: Lisa Williams

Zucchini Chips

I made these tonight. Here's the recipe .

Peach Pie

I don't make desserts very often, but we had these peaches and it's a holiday . . . [caption id="attachment_5508" align="alignnone" width="3264"] Peach Pie[/caption] Recipe from Yummly