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This has been a great week!

And it has been fabulous! Classes have gone smoothly. Students have been engaged. I went to an inspiring after school meeting with WFU and Donor's Choose. So why am I pooped!? Speaking of Donor's Choose. These are the computer-related books for The Great Computer Mystery!  We just got some more in yesterday and they haven't been cataloged yet! Can't wait to get them all into the hands of students!  

Glen Miller Moonlight Serenade

Dr. Who. Season 101. Episode 9: The Empty Child. Rose and Jack Harkness discussing business while dancing and drinking champagne.

100 Book Club (and then some!)

This young man is the newest member of the 400 book club at school! Wow! He's a man of few words, but he was very proud to add this very special book to the wall of fame.!