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Happy Thanksgiving from Moore Library!


Graphic novel signage

This, I want to recreate! edited to add OR I would recreate it if I could still see it. Thank goodness there are lots of great ideas out there!

Google inbox

 I requested to use Google Inbox . Got the link within 24 hours. I like it. It's only got one major flaw that I can see and that's the fact that there is no signature. Since I primarily use my mobile devices, I thought the signature from gmail was there. Everything else seems to be there, but this morning I sent one off on my computer, and on the bigger screen, it was clear that the signature was absent. A little digging proved that signatures are not currently available. Seriously. So now, I'm wondering how many LM_Net emails (where certain identifying requirements are requested) I've responded to through inbox. But, I do like the way it works. It bundles like emails together including those it considers low priority - which you can remove from that list. I'm sure there are some other features besides the signature that its missing. I just don't know what they are yet. I've got at least one invite if anyone is interested.

The Snatchabook

This week, K & 1st read The Snatchabook ,  then we worked on mapping the town in the story.

Did you know . . . ? card up close


More station work (and some self check outs)

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Did you know . . . ? station


Sophie's Squash

K-2nd graders read Sophie's Squash . The kinders played a SMART sorting game of fruits and vegetables. First grade identified seeds in various fruits and vegetables and second grade charted food into groups. Some of their groupings were very creative!

I'm all about those Books

This is great! [youtube=]

Donor's Choose Project - My Mom's Ears and My Dad's Nose: Heredity Stations

Please check out my Donor's Choose project, here . It's called My Mom's Ears and My Dad's Nose. I'm asking for resources on heredity for the 5th graders. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give. Any donations made by November 22 will be matched up to $100.  Use the promo code SPARK during checkout to double your donation. Thanks so much for looking at this project for our school and library!

Epic for Educators

This gem came across my facebook feed. It's only an IOS app. BUT I've read several books already on my iPad that I don't have in my library. Some of the books have a read aloud feature and there is a timer on the books so kids can't go through them too quickly. I've mainly examined the picture books and have read some that I would not have otherwise. The only thing they ask in return is for you to let parents know about them. That can easily be done on our school webpages. If you have an apple device, give it a try! See my other recommendations on where to find books.

Bookmark Celebration

Forsyth County Public Library hosted a ceremony and lunch for the bookmark winners! 

The Teacher Librarian


Forsyth County Bookmark Winners!

Congratulations to Kale Johnson and Ellie Pearsall! They are Moore Magnet's winners of the 2014 FCPL Bookmark Contest . During September, every student at Moore had the opportunity in their library time to design a bookmark for the contest. Form

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild!

This week in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, we began our journey through the NC Children's Book Awards. We started with Mr. Tiger Goes Wild .

Ohio Alert! State Board of Education Will Vote on Whether to Eliminate Arts, P.E., Librarians, Nurses at Elementary Schools

This is a call to action. If you live in Ohio, voice your concerns! The rest of us need to be vocal or, as little sense as it makes, this could happen elsewhere.

3rd, 4th, & 5th grades in stations

3rd, 4th & 5th grades started their station adventure this past week! It will take us a few weeks to understand the routine, but they did an excellent job for library station beginners!                                

Stations part 2

I started stations with 3rd, 4th & 5th on Tuesday.  *Whew* The first day, We did four stations - everyone started one, and then 1/3 of the class checked out for 10 minutes each. There had to be some overlap because we were crunched for time. So as soon as students from a previous group went, I let the next group start. This meant the students had 15-20 minutes to work on a station which for some was just too long. I wasn't unhappy with the day, but I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. And we didn't have good time for reflection. So, on Wednesday, I nixed half the stations. I had two groups working on the same thing at the same time. We still only got 10 minutes for check out, but there wasn't any overlap and I could be pulled in fewer directions. If the finished check out before the 10 minutes was up (and a lot of them do), then they went back to their tables and read silently until the timer went off as we always have done. 10 minutes i

Starting stations

I've been rolling station ideas around in my head for a while. Trying to figure out the best way to do them in Moore's library. So I think they've incubated enough, and we'll hatch this idea on Tuesday. 3rd & 4th grade schedule Months 1 & 2 - introduction to library skills stations at their usual working tables. Month 3 - students go to the same stations around the library by tables. Month 4 - students get to choose stations. Batch 1 Did you know? cards Library vocabulary 3-way match Reference shuffle What's your number? Library helpers 1 5th grade will follow the same procedure but they are working on science/research stations. I've had a harder time with this one. Graphic organizers Fact or opinion Reference shuffle Cite your source Library helpers 1 I'll introduce stations to grade 2 during second semester following the same routine. Hopefully we will be able to start them earlier next year and with less introduction in 3