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Have You Tried Being Likeable?

Have You Tried Being Likeable? Interesting article from the On Hiring   blog. He's mainly talking to the superior and arrogant who don't or won't give their coworkers the time of day. I've worked with people like this. They are so much better, smarter, whatever, that they can't tell you hello in the hall much less collaborate or share the work load on a committee. They'll just do it themselves because they are much more capable. What's really interesting though are the comments. Yes, we all work with someone who is and idiot (or even a complete department of idiots). What in the world gives anyone the right to treat them like they are idiots. And the term "faking nice" came up way too often. So, your mama told you that you were the center of the universe and every teacher or  teammate or coworker kissed the ground you walked on. (Of course, I'm willing to make a sizable bet that they did't, but you didn't notice because you thought they

An Uncommon Bookshelf

I've started a new blog - more library/education in nature - An Uncommon Bookshelf . Please visit! It will take a while to round it out. Right now, it only has book reviews on it. The rest will take time (and summer school is almost finished!).


Thanks for Richard Byrne for the heads up on Inkel Writer . I've been looking  at ways that students can publish online and this one seems to  fit the bill.


I got my educlipper invitation.  I almost didn't see it because it went into the spam folder.  So if you signed up and didn't think you got the invite, check spam and junk mail folders. It's not all smooth sailing. I can log in, but then I get a white screen. I have to admit though, even if I get past the white screen, that  I really enjoy Pinterest and can't quite see making the change over for my educational clips to another place. I guess time will tell.


I just read an article where those that knew James Holmes said they were baffled. I've got to admit that before the baffling incident in our lives last summer, my response to that would have been "You've got to be kidding? There had to have been some signs. You had to know something!" It is terrible that you have to be baffled to truly understand it, but for me it was true. I don't wish understanding on anyone. I listened to a father talking about his son (who survived) and the friend (who didn't) .  Reporters are so crass. "What are you feeling?" The father was kind and went through the expected emotions. I thought, he will feel guilt if it hasn't raised its head yet - even a little. He'll feel guilt for the gratitude that it was his son that survived while someone else died. I am grateful his son survived. My heart is broken for the families of those that didn't.

The Sins of the Father

Thanks to Jim West for posting about this article by Rick Reilly on ESPN. It's excruciatingly honest and painful to read. Addition: Here's another article by a former faculty member, Donald E. Heller, For Penn State's Leaders, an Indictment of Malfeasance

Reminders for Frequent Speakers | David Lee King

Reminders for Frequent Speakers | David Lee King . If you ever have to speak in front of others, read this!

Why Your Students Need Breathing Room — Smart Classroom Management

Why Your Students Need Breathing Room — Smart Classroom Management . I have mentioned Michael Linsin's site before, but as stores are loading the shelves with school supplies, it seemed like a good time to mention it again. Even if you have great classroom management, you need to subscribe to this site. Michael helps keep things clearly in focus helps me refocus when things get out of sync. It's the best classroom management site I read.

Day 1 & 2 of moving

  Ch arlotte Apartment It's starting to come together.

So much for the Bath & Body Works Sale

So today, I've go to the Bath & Body Works site to participate in their sale only to find that is SOLD OUT . Total Bummer  

I am a librarian

I've got a new job and it's had to stay under my hat a bit as things developed before I could officially resign from my old job. Resignation happened last Monday, but it's been such a whirlwind this week that I haven't had the time to properly write about it. I am the new Media Specialist for C. C. Griffin Middle School in Concord NC. I was hoping to have pictures of the media center to post because it's beautiful, but the school is only open M-Th right now and I'm teaching summer school on those days.  

Using the word "I" in cover letters?

Reading another interview on Hiring Librarians . This one points to being tired of the use of the word "I" in resumes/cover letters. I can figure out how NOT to use I in the resume, but it's not so easy in the cover letter. What do you do to not overuse the I ?

Google Power Searching Course

I meant to post this earlier and flat out forgot! Google is offering a free course on Power Searching . I just finished the first class and learned enough to make it worth my while I'm sure. I was surprised that only 10% of people use the find feature of a browser, but that's why we learn things. If you are interested, I'll see you on their forum. Power Searching with Google …a short course on becoming a great internet searcher Google Search makes it amazingly easy to find information. Come learn about the powerful advanced tools we provide to help you find just the right information when the stakes are high.    

Talk about a fire sale!

Woodlands needed a firetruck. Wake Forest had one to sell.What a deal! Tiny NC fire department buys $1 engine

Free Technology for Teachers: Mobile Formative Assessment; A One Device Solution

Free Technology for Teachers: Mobile Formative Assessment; A One Device Solution . Formative assessment has been stuck in a rut for years but tablets and Smartphones have the potential for increasing the amount of formative data that teachers collect and use on a daily basis. The combination of touch screen devices and cloud storage allows teachers to create a manageable flow of connected data, collected on the fly using mobile platforms, but ultimately available for reflection and action steps on any device with Web access. Unfortunately, not enough teachers know about the power of their own personal handheld devices. EdTech buzz is usually focused on tools that require one-to-one or at least a large amount of classroom computer availability, but so much can be done with one handheld device and access to the cloud. I need to read this carefully and give some of it a try!

McAllen Library is a what?

It's an abandoned Walmart! Talk about the ultimate recycling project AND it's a nice looking library. How cool is that!? AND The International Interior Design Association recently selected the McAllen Public Library as the winner of their 2012 Library Interior Design Competition . Read and see more . . .

Malware may knock thousands off Internet on Monday

Malware may knock thousands off Internet on Monday Read more: I posted about this before. You might want to run another check though. Seeing green is terribly reassuring. Here's the actually checker:

Library of Congress Lists Books That Shaped America

I see these lists periodically on Facebook. What's different about his one is they are the books that shaped America. Library of Congress Lists Books That Shaped America When the list is 100 books you should read before you die, I've usually read a fair amount of them. I can't say that about this list. What would you add, take off? What do you agree or disagree with? When you take the survey, be prepared with names of books that aren't on the list already.  

The Library Marketing Toolkit

A preview of the Library Marketing Toolkit [slideshare id=13540174&w=425&h=355&sc=no] View more presentations from Ned Potter My first thought is, why does a school library need marketing. But, every library needs marketing. part of the reason we are in the shape we are in is because no one thought the library needed marketing. Everyone needs the library and while I truly think that, the people that fund libraries and pay librarians obviously think just anyone can do the job.

Favorite Libraries?

Thanks to Harold Azmann for starting this. Do you  have a favorite library memory? or some special library appreciation that has helped you grow or developed your love of reading/books?

Too many emails

I'm not sure how it happens. You sign up for some company's ads here and some listserve there and before you know it, you have inbox fatigue. I've got to say that gmail is very helpful in that you can label things and have them deleted before you see them. I do try to unsubscribe, but aren't some companies stubborn in unsubscribing you. Does it really take 48 hours to a week to process my lack of desire to hear from you?

What happens when you give an old book a new cover?

You might get a new audience if you can make that book relate to some kind of best seller. To Lure ‘Twilight’ Teenagers, Classic Books Get Bold Looks I'm really glad to see it happen. When I was a teen, they put glossy photos on these same books and I read them to find some really good stories. Hoping this works with another set of teen readers.

The top happiest jobs?

My pastor friends will be thrilled to know they top the list. My librarian and teacher friends aren't on it at all. The Ten Happiest Jobs

Have you had an abysmal job interview?

It's been awhile, but I have had some that went south. I've even had some that I thought went pretty well up until a point and then I knew they were doomed. Forbes has some advice about those terrible interviews in 7 Things You Can Do After A Really Bad Job Interview Not that you can necessarily redeem the experience, but you can learn from it. One of them is something I had to learn the hard way with lots of things in life. Don't beat yourself up. After a period of reflection, move on! You can't change what's already happened. Get what you can from it and get on with your life!

Hiring Librarians

OK, I'm going to push another blog. Hiring Librarians by Emily Weak. The majority of the posts I've read in this one have to do with what those hiring want to see from those interviewing. A lot of the questions have to do with the resume and cover letter - key components to getting past the mailbox and into the interview room. There are other good topics too, like the one about hiring those with disabilities - specifically Autism. Lots of good info was shared in that post.

LinkedIn Groups

It isn't a very well kept secret anymore that I've been job hunting. (After someone emailed my principal for a reference BEFORE they'd set up an interview with me!) I already had an account on LinkedIn , so I went back in, spiffed it up and joined a few groups of librarians. There are some really good librarian groups on LinkedIn btw. I also found some groups that, while the title and purpose sounded good, are virtually inactive. For those of you on LinkedIn, what makes a group click and take off? Are there just not enough secondary librarians for that kind of group to grow? I mentioned secondary because it seems an elementary group is busy. I've met other k-12 librarians on the other library boards. Is it how the board is set up? Is it how the moderator networks? I love the general library discussions, but I'd also like some more specific to my corner of the field.

More on Electronic Portfolio's

I found this helpful post from A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet (mentioned in the last entry). I've also been involved in a linkedin discussion and someone else posted this one which focuses on Google Sites . I hadn't thought much about Google Sites as it seemed clunky when I tried it out. But recently a teacher posted her classroom website done with Google Sites on, and it was very clean and neat. I may have to rethink Google Sites. Here is the one I started using  .

Excellent Internet-Educational Resource

In searching for electronic portfolio ideas, I found A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet. Just browse around a bit and you'll see what I mean. Very nice.Very informative.

Andy Griffith Timeline

From the WSJ (I think they could have added BRIEF to the title, but it's a start) Andy Samuel Griffith Born June 1, 1926, in Mount Airy to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Griffith. Graduated from Mount Airy High School in 1944. Studied music at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; graduated in 1949. Taught school and high school glee club in Goldsboro before becoming an actor. Played Sir Walter Raleigh for seven years in "The Lost Colony," performed by the Carolina Playmakers in Manteo. Created a one-man show while living in Goldsboro that he performed for area civic clubs; he came up with his famous "What It Was, Was Football" monologue on the way to a gig. Griffith recorded the monologue at a recording studio in Goldsboro. A record executive for Capitol Records heard it on the radio and signed Griffith to a recording contract. In 1954 Griffith performed in the Broadway play and TV adaptation of "No Time for Sergeants." His career was on t

Cleaning out the garage

I don't have a garage, so you can imagine where I've been putting everything - closets, cabinets, drawers. A couple of weekends ago, I decided it was time for some of the things that I'd been saving in anticipation of using one day to go. I've cleaned out closets, book cases, cabinets. I cleaned out teaching files and reorganized them. I've filled the car up several times over. AND you know the sad part? I could probably spend the next two weeks doing the same thing. Why do we hold on to things like this? I've kept boxes from when I was selling on eBay. I've kept egg cartons to make into games. I've kept lettuce and fage tubs because they'd be great to use at school. I've got stamps and stickers and paper and folders and . . . AND I don't keep nearly the things some people I know keep. I'm actually pretty good about getting rid of things - unless they have some foreseen purpose down the rode. One of the things I've kept is LifeWay cur

I am not a loner!

Although there are times when being alone is the best! But NBC posts  jobs for loners and librarians are at the top. *dislike* Obviously, the writer has not been in a real library in quite a while to see what a hopping place it is.

Are you looking for a job?

I've read a couple of posts on NewGradLife . Don't think you have to be a new grad to appreciate their job hunting advise - like this one on Ten Mistakes that Can Sabotage Your Job Search . The list includes: Blasting your resume Not customizing your cover letter or resume Only using big sites and the internet  

Not your mother's librarian

Some of these guys and gals are very stylish! Work Wear at the NYPL