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Math is Divine

This is a beautiful display of more than a few mathematical concepts: [vimeo=] HT

Young Adult Science Fiction

This last semester in grad school has started pretty smoothly. I've got things all worked out for my practicum and have a good bit of the YA lit class under my belt. One of the YA lit requirements is to do a book talk of six books united by a theme. After finding a spot and discussing it with the teacher, she'd like for me to do Sci-Fi / horror as an introduction to Frankenstein. I've been perusing titles, but before I spend too much time looking at the unknown, I was wondering if you had any YA title suggestions that might be off the beaten path.

Collaboration and writing - too cool!

HT to Paul Hamilton for this one. Storybird provides the medium for writing with art provided. The part I really liked - besides the writing was the collaboration possibilities. Woozers! Wonderful potential there. Take the tour , and you'll see what I mean.

a great commercial!

[youtube=]   HT: eChurch

Woman Not Allowed To Donate Pagan Books To Son's School - Winston-Salem News Story - WXII The Triad

Woman Not Allowed To Donate Pagan Books To Son's School - Winston-Salem News Story - WXII The Triad . A North Carolina mother says her son's school is refusing books supportive of her pagan beliefs after last month offering Bibles. Apparently Bibles had been handed out earlier by the Gideons. This link has a fuller story. Is there a line to be drawn? Do we take one set of sacred texts and not the other? Should there be a difference for religious texts taken at the three school levels? Having just worked on a collection development policy, I know that we want to make sure that books in the library are as fact based as possible. Is a Bible "Christian propoganda" as stated in the second link? I've never thought of the Bible as propoganda. Chick Tracts? yes. Bible? no. Wishing there was a list of the books she wanted to donate.

New (to me) Book Site

School has started back with the proverbial bang (read: I'm tired). I found a site. Wishing I could remember where I saw it the first time, but I've racked my brain and just can't seem to remember. It's called Gospel eBooks and they scout out free or inexpensive Kindle editions. Some of them look good. Some of them I would never pick up, but that's the way of many sites. This link is for the free page. I got The Secret Holocaust Diaries . I will have time to read again one day. . .